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Eyelash Aftercare Bundle Kits

Eyelash Aftercare Bundle Kits

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Eyelash Aftercare Kit
1. Dirty eyelashes means they will fall off faster! This foaming eyelash cleanser is specially formulated to target dirt, grease and makeup residues in the eyelashes while increasing retention.
2. In your kit we've included a lint-free brush that's specifically made for lashes. This brush helps to enter between all these eyelash layers and provide them with a deep cleansing effect for maximum retention!

Bundle Includes:
1x60ml Lash Foam Cleanser
1xGentle Brush Eyelash Extensions Cleansing Brush
1xGlitter Mascara Brushes

1.Shake cleanser for eyelash extensions well each time before dispensing.
2.Dispense 1-2 pumps onto the head of the brush. Gently pat cleanser evenly along the lash line.
3.Rinse eyes thoroughly with water to remove any excess residue from your lash extensions.

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