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Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo

Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo

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Floralashes Foaming Cleanser/Wash for Extensions and Natural Lashes 60ml/bottle.

THE SECRET OF LONGER RETENTION is cleaned up  any traces of oils, sebum, dust or make-up before you begin the lash application. 
  • Deep Cleaning for the natural lashes of oil, sebum, make-up and dust 

  • It could be used full sets and for infills
  • Cruelty free, vegan & safe 
  • Note: It must to be rinsed with water or saline solution thoroughly ,so that to make sure no traces of the shampoo were left on the lashes, it is very important.
  • It also could be customized for your own logo, more details pls contact us for WhatsApp 008615092114029 or IG
  • It needs about 3-4 days will ship it after you paid
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