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Lash Tweezer Sterilizer Tray

Lash Tweezer Sterilizer Tray

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-Removable tray with draining holes
-Handle to keep your hands chemical-free
-Solid cover to avoid sunlight
-Size: 9" x 4.75" x 3" (22.9 x 12 x 7.6 cm)

How to use it ?

-Scrub gently with a brush and soap. Rinse with water.

-Mix barbicide with water according to its label. Fill mixed barbicide in Glow Tweezer Sanitizing Tray

-Put tweezers in the Glow tweezer sanitizing tray

-Let it soak for 10 minutes

-Remove tweezers and rinse with water

-Pat dry with a clean paper towel

-Store tweezers in  tweezer holder to protect it from dust and contamination!

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