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Super Bonder For Eyelash Extensions(10ml)

Super Bonder For Eyelash Extensions(10ml)

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Super Bonder is an amazing product that help ANY lash glue cure fast and increase your retention by 30%. Apply it where the adhesive is bonded to the natural lashes and the bonder cures from the outside to the inside of the bond. 

  • It is could use for any lash extension glue and any technique (classic and volume)
  • It could polymerize glue instantly – WITHOUT shock curing. It traps fumes from adhesives and contains fumes, irritation and sensitivity could be significantly reduced!
  • You could have a shower or go to gym after doing eyelash extensions with product
  • Used for professional lash technician only.

Using method:

  • Grab 2 Lint Free Microswabs (one for each eye) and apply a tiny amount of Bond on the area where the extensions are attached. Dab off any excess solution onto paper towel if needed.
  • Do not saturate volume or mega fan, only apply where the adhesive bonds to the natural lash. Also, do not apply on skin.
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