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UV Glue For Eyelash Extensions

UV Glue For Eyelash Extensions

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UV lash glue – exclusively for lash extensions with UV lamp

– This lash glue only works with our UV lash Lamp!

– safe & tested

– Easy removal with normal remover

– Removal of outgrown lashes as usual with tweezers

– Good for allergy customers 


Lightning fast, extreme retention

curing within 1 – 4 seconds – extreme retention that no classic lash glue will ever achieve. No residual fumes after the curing process. Lasts until the natural lashes fall out.


✅ Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY to the lashes

✅ No 48h rule anymore

✅ No bonder or sealer needed anymore

✅ almost no fumes at all

Using method :

1. Using Uv glue is same as normal eyelash extensions , dip lashes into glue, then put it on natural lashes

2.UV Lamp irradiates for 1-4 seconds ,continue to next lash without sticking.

3.You could place the UV Lamp next to the treatment table and bend ultra-flexible neck as any way that you want .

4.The optimal distance between the lamp head and the eyelashes is about 10-15cm.

Floralashes UV Lamp Glue System is new technology in the market

It's good for allergy customers, success rate as high as 85%.

UV glue is a game changer.

Humidity /Temperature /Seasons doesn't matter anymore!

Note: Don't let the light shine directly on your open eyes.

Floralashes offer private lable eyelash glue service. For private label, there would be a private label charge $30 for the glue sticker design and printing.


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