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0.07MM Black Brown Volume Eyelash Extensions

0.07MM Black Brown Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Sometimes when a client likes a more natural look, black lashes can look to stark. Brown lashes will allow us to deliver a lash line that helps her look awake & more confident, without being over-the-top! Blends into black lashes to create a multidimensional lash line that looks velvety soft.

        Floralashes is:

        - 100% Vegan

        - Latex-Free

        - Cruelty-Free. NO animals were harmed in the making of these gorgeous lashes

        - Formaldehyde-Free

        - helps in creating a wide range of glamorous looks

Sample is mixed 8-15mm to see different length      

 ( We also customize the other curl and length, please contact us)

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