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Disposable GLUE FLOWER for Eyelash Extensions 10 PCS/Pack

Disposable GLUE FLOWER for Eyelash Extensions 10 PCS/Pack

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Glue Flower Pallet is designed especially for lash technicians who love aesthetic beauty as much as maximizing every adhesive drop. This palette absorbs fumes and keeps the adhesive fresh on the palette. Each pack includes 10 pallets. Specially designed pots protect the glue from leakage even if you accidentally drop the adhesive flower. If you have used Jade stone in the past, you will appreciate how easy it is to use the flower. 

Simply drop your desired amount of adhesive in one of the small adhesive wells and it is ready to use. To clean, soak in acetone until adhesive is dissolved, rinse with water.

Absorbs fumes and maximizes adhesive usage.

1 Package includes 10 Glue Flower Pallets

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