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Floralashes UV WRIST LED Lamp Glue System

Floralashes UV WRIST LED Lamp Glue System

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UV glue color


1x  UV Wrist LED Lamp 5W black
1x UV Glue 5ml    
1x Power Adapter
1x Foot Pedal and manual 
1x Black Foam Tape
10x Disposable Black Eye Pads
1x Reusable black eye pads


Lamp Cap Size: 6x2cm

UV Wave Length:395-400nm



Operation:Pull Pedal Switch

Using method :

1. Using Uv glue is same as normal eyelash extensions , dip lashes into glue, then put it on natural lashes

2.UV Lamp irradiates for 1-4 seconds ,continue to next lash without sticking.

3.You could place the UV Lamp next to the treatment table and bend ultra-flexible neck as any way that you want .

4.The optimal distance between the lamp head and the eyelashes is about 10-15cm.

Floralashes UV Lamp Glue System is new technology in the market

It's good for allergy customers, success rate as high as 85%.

UV glue is a game changer.

Humidity /Temperature /Seasons doesn't matter anymore!

Note: Don't let the light shine directly on your open eyes.

Floralashes offer private lable eyelash glue service. For private label, there would be a private label charge $30 for the glue sticker design and printing.


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